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Problem solving is what we deliver


Spectra Tech maintains a highly qualified staff of project managers, construction managers, and support personnel experienced with Federal, state, and local statutory requirements relating to environmental, emergency response and preparedness, general industry and construction safety.

Thinking Ahead

Spectra Tech is thinking ahead – designing reliability, quality and value into everything we do. If you are thinking ahead, looking for a project management services partner committed to providing innovative, sustainable solutions, contact Spectra Tech.



Program Management
Programmatic Assessments
Construction Management
Facility & Site Walkdowns & Inspections
Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) Oversight
OSHA Compliance Training, including HAZWOPER training and

     weekly ‘toolbox’ talks
First Aid, CPR and AED training
Customized Site Specific Safety Plans and Related Training
Instructional Design
Biological Laboratory Safety & Security
Bio-safety Laboratory levels (BSL) 1,2 and 3
Select Agent (S/A) Biological Laboratory Safety & Security Audits
Implementing and managing all the requirements of 49 CFR 73, 9

     CFR 121, 7 CFR 331
Serving as CDC & USDA Select Agent Program Responsible Official



Industrial Hygiene
OPA 90
Emergency Response
General Industry Safety
Construction Safety
Biological Laboratory Safety


DoD Installations
Laboratories using Biological Safety Protocols
Petroleum Industry
Water/Waste Water Management
New Construction, Remodeling and Abatement
Industrial Facilities
Environmental and Nuclear Management
Industrial Infrastructure and Process
Power Providers
Defense and Homeland Security


Spectra Tech offers more than twenty years of experience related to training development; emergency management, response, and operations; radiation protection; and specialized training for federal, state and commercial clients. Spectra Tech has successfully executed contracts involving training and environmental services for federal government organizations including DLA Energy, US Navy Naval Facilities Engineering Command, US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Energy, and the Department of Labor.

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