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1995       Incorporated by Loong Yong, Ph.D. in State of Tennessee

2001       Spectra Tech began full-time operations

2002       Obtained 8(a) certification, moved to cubicle in URS/Oak
               Ridge, won contract as embedded contractor on Isotek team

2003       Awarded COE Huntsville contract, RCT TRU Project & VA                      contract, Mound Building 38 D&D, 20 employees

2004       NAVFAC contract, Isotek contract, DEMCO Witherspoon                        cleanup, UT-Battelle Lab Tech contract

2006       DESC training contract, EPA SONS Oil Spill exercise, NFS                    contract, opened Colorado office

2007       USACE Omaha contract, $5M+ in revenue, first year for

               outside auditors, began operations in Germantown, MD, 40


2008       Y-12 Mentor Protégé, DOE Chicago contract, CH2MHill UPF                  contract, opened Mobile office, 60 employees

2009       Bought Oak Ridge office building, TRU Project grew to 25                      RCTs, 100 employees in 10 states, first conference booth at                  WM Symposium

2011       Awarded GSA MOBIS and PES contracts

2012       Awarded UCOR RadCon and Professional and Administrative                Services contracts

2015       Awarded SCMC DOE/NNSA Complex-Wide Nuclear Safety                  Basis Agreement

2016       Assumed M&O of DOE NRC License Facilities; awarded                        CNS Professional and Technical Services contract as part of                GemTech NSS JV

2018       Opened Los Alamos, NM office

2020       Awarded SCMC Engineering Services Agreement and re-bid                of SCMC Nuclear Services Agreement; 165 employees in 14                states

2022       Established Mentor-Protégé relationship with ORANO

               Federal Services LLC; formed M-P joint venture Spectrano,                  LLC

2022       As part of Idaho Environmental Coalition, LLC (IEC) Team,                    assumed M&O of DOE Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) End                        State Project; opened Idaho Falls office

2022       Awarded PORTS Radcon contract; opened Piketon, OH                        office; 215 employees in 16 states

2022       Awarded DOE Small Business of the Year Award for 2021

Loong Yong, Ph. D.

Dr. Yong has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering with over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of radiological engineering, nuclear safety, nuclear and hazardous waste management, environmental remediation, and special nuclear materials disposition. He has worked extensively at U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories and facilities across the United States, as well as several commercial nuclear power plants. Additionally, Dr. Yong has served as a consultant to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and major corporations in the nuclear and environmental industries. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Waste Management Symposia and the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association, and he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Guitar Foundation of America.

Roger Hale
Sr. Vice President of Operations

Mr. Hale has an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. His nearly 30 years of industry experience have mainly been focused on projects supported by the DOE. His areas of expertise include project management (including project controls), emergency management, nuclear operations, and safety analysis. In addition to DOE projects, Mr. Hale has managed Spectra Tech contracts associated with the Department of the Interior’s US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Labor.

Kimberly Moore
Director of Business Services

Ms. Moore has a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. She has worked in the accounting arena for 27 years and federal government contracting for over 10 years. She brings a broad range of experience across the spectrum of accounting, contract management, HR, benefits, project management, and supervision. Prior to joining Spectra Tech, Ms. Moore worked with Safety & Ecology Corp. as well as SAIC.

Mike Dunn, Ph.D.
Vice President of Nuclear Services

Dr. Dunn holds a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Dunn has more than 20 years of nuclear engineering experience in the areas of nuclear criticality safety (NCS), radiation transport and cross-section processing methods development. Dr. Dunn worked at ORNL for 19 years, where he served as Group Leader for the Nuclear Data and Criticality Safety Group and the Nuclear Data Group. He was also the Acting Group Leader for the Reactor Analysis Group. Dr. Dunn additionally served as the Program Execution Manager and ORNL Task Manager for the U.S. Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP). Dr. Dunn is the primary author or co-author on more than 90 publications. He is a member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), and he is a past board member of the ANS Oak Ridge/Knoxville Section.

Chris Pickett Cropped.png
Chris A. Pickett
Director of Nonproliferation & Safeguards Services

Mr. Pickett holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Tennessee as well as a B.S. in Physics from Bowling Green State University. Mr. Pickett has 40 years of operating knowledge and experience with many nuclear fuel cycle processes including weapon’s production. His research in tagging, sealing, and tracking technologies is internationally recognized by the IAEA and other nonproliferation communities.  Mr. Pickett is active in the European Safeguards Research and Development Agency (ESARDA) and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM): where he served as president of the Central Region Chapter, Chair of the Charles E. Pietri Special Service Award subcommittee, a Member–at-Large, Chair of the MC&A Technical Division, and continues to serve as a member of the Technical Program Committee.  Mr. Pickett is a Fellow of INMM and recently served as the Institute’s Secretary (2009-2019).

Scaglione for website.jpg
John M. Scaglione
Director of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Services

Mr. Scaglione has B.S. and M.E. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida and nearly 25 years of experience. He is skilled in the development and use of computational methods for criticality safety, computational validation, radiation shielding, reactor analysis, and nuclear and radiological material transport security. He has particular expertise in leading, performing, documenting, and reviewing complex analyses related to spent fuel storage, transportation, and disposal for DOE-owned and commercial spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level waste. He is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt and is the primary author or co-author on more than 50 publications. He is a member of the American Nuclear Society and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management.

Joe Conger
Director of Business Development

Mr. Conger has a BA degree in Economics/Business Administration from the University of Tennessee and over 25 years of professional experience performing sales, recruiting, and business development. He has worked extensively with federal and commercial organizations, including the Department of Energy, to provide quality, experienced personnel in support of engineering, operations, technology, IT, power generation, construction, and D&D projects. He is an active member of ETEC and ETEBA, and he serves on the board of the West Knox Warriors Lacrosse Club.

Erik Vogeley
Vice President of Technical Services

Mr. Vogeley has an MBA from the University of Tennessee and a B.S. in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has 25 years of professional experience, both domestically and internationally. He has experience in the areas of radiation protection; HTRW; industrial hygiene; environmental safety and health; D&D; and waste management. Mr. Vogeley has managed contracts associated with the DOE, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, a variety of universities, and numerous nuclear utilities. He is a past board member with the Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA) and continues to actively support the organization.

Jim Gallagher
Board Advisor

Mr. Gallagher is a visionary leader who has forged a career of successfully guiding businesses through times of fundamental change. After a highly successful 36-year career with Westinghouse, Jim retired in September 1999 as President of the Government and Environmental Services Company, a Westinghouse business unit that employed 17,500 employees at eleven major locations and managed $2.8 billion of federally funded programs. Jim is the founder of the Gallagher Consulting Group and currently provides innovative/strategic consultation to the commercial and government energy and environmental industry.

Ralph Lillard
Board Advisor

Mr. Lillard has over 34 years of professional experience in Health Care Administration. As President and CEO of Methodist Health System (MHS), Oak Ridge, TN, Mr. Lillard worked with the Board of Directors, medical staff, and the community to build a positive consensus and momentum for the consolidation of MHS and Ft. Sanders Alliance to form Covenant Health with $1.1 billion in annual revenue and 15,000 employees. Since 1998, Mr. Lillard has worked as a management consultant with small, start-up organizations to help them become established, successful, and vibrant businesses within the community. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge.


Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for energy and environmental problems.


Spectra Tech will be a dynamic and innovative company providing engineering, environmental, and nuclear services and products to domestic and multinational clients. The company will be best known for high quality and efficiency.

  • Be honest in our personal and professional conduct

Good Stewards of Resources
  • Work Efficiently

  • Use the organization’s resources wisely

Quality Work
  • Measure our performance

  • Be responsible to clients and to each other

  • Keep an open mind for achieving the best results

  • Promote mutual trust

  • Reward associates fairly

  • Provide associates the tools to enable quality work

  • Have an open and honest communication

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